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A woman who got help


A home, a job and Hope for the future!

Tara-Ann and her fiancé had been homeless for three years. She became homeless because of a shooting at her apartment complex. Unfortunately she couldn’t work because her health was very poor, and she didn’t have any support to help her find resources to get back on her feet.


After connecting with Compass Career Solutions, Tara-Ann and Compass staff worked hard to connect her to the resources and support she needed to push through and find a home. Compass staff helped her find food, employment and housing resources to start building a sustainable life. Tara-Ann and her fiancé both started working and Compass helped them find a home.


Tara-Ann now lives in her own apartment with her fiancé and cat, Doobie. She says “We are so thankful for Compass to help us with our own journey and we are thankful to have our own space now. We are just so grateful that we found you guys. There isn’t a lot out there that helps people like us, so we are really thankful to find you guys and all of the resources you gave us, especially during COVID. Thank you, Compass!” 


Now that Tara-Ann has a home and is working, her goal is to continue building her future and hopefully save for a house one day and get married to her fiancé.

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